We have not changed shipping cost in a long, long time .. if ever. The reality is that it cost more for us to ship most orders than we collect in shipping fees. I have resisted for a long time making any changes. However, I have decided to make an adjust at least for the winters months of November – mid-March.

Traditionally we have not shipped when the weather looks like its too cold along the route. Some years that means that there are times when we can’t get out orders for weeks as it is just too cold. Not the quality customer experience we want. They make heating packs that you can put in a small shipping box to keep the antlions warm. Unfortunately, even in bulk, these cost about $1.50 each even in pretty large quantities. However, using them when it will be cold should solve the shipping timing issue.

So here is what I’m going to do.. For the months of November through March 15th any order will cost one additional dollar (so it becomes $10.00 shipping instead of $9.00). This will be used to defray the cost of the orders that require a heating unit for shipping. So you have two weeks left before the price goes up!! Time to order your antlions!!!