I just wanted to put out a blog post about the “behind-the-scenes”of Ant Lion Farms. As many of you might know, over the last few months we have been going through a bit of a transition. Two of our children (Hudson and Jenna) have been running this website for a couple of years.

They have been doing a great job, but life has moved on for them. They are growing up and off to fun things like University and semi-full time jobs. So for a while we thought we where going to shut the website down. I personally wrestled with this for weeks but it was obvious that they where not going to be able to continue with the website. Rachel and I do not really have the time to dedicate to the site but ultimately we decided to continue it because Hudson and Jenna have a younger brother who is turning 10 in a few weeks. While he may not run the site yet, he has expressed a desire to help where he can and take over down the road if possible.

So there we are….time to continue onward. I am revamping the website after a host move but I think I have things in order enough that we can reopen. So welcome back!! I had the fun of shipping our first order out to a third grade class in New York earlier this week. Looking forward to many more.