How an Adult Antlion Lives

Well, we are all grown up now. And while leaving the comfort of our little cocoon can be scary, we will head out into a whole new world of excitement. Although this is one of the most exciting times in our life, it will be over soon. We will live for only about 30 – 45 days as adults. Pretty short, huh.

Enough about that. Let’s try out our wings. First we have to spread them out and let them harden so they will support our weight. As soon as our wings harden, we will fly up into the trees.

I believe I can fly…I believe I can touch the sky…How do you like my singing? Anyways, at night is when we will be most active. We will go around searching for a mate, and eating nectar and pollen.

At some time the female adult ant lion will find a dry sandy area to lay her eggs. Then the whole process begins again. Can you imagine living most of your life as a baby!