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Name: Chris Skinner
Date: 10/22/2003
Message: WHAT FUN ! These little guys can sure eat!

Name: Darren and Ried
Date: 09/23/2003
Message: Success! We have had our antlions since about April 2003 and we just released our first winged adult antlion! It was so exciting and very educational. We have plans to replenish our antlion habitat when the time comes as we have really enjoyed the experience! Thanks for such a great family pet!

Name: phuong
Date: 09/22/2003
Message: i have heaps of ant lion in my bucket and ive been colecting them as pets for 2 yrs now and can i tell andy that b4 scooping up the ant lion always blow the hole with a straw or something first so you dont harm the ant lion

Name: Chris
Date: 09/20/2003
Message: After having my ant lion Brak for about a month, feeding him an ant every day, he suddenly stopped making pits. I thought he was dead, but after about 10 days, he started up again. I had forgotten he would molt, I found the discarded skin the next day. Fascinating! Also, F.Y.I., it seems that various species of ant genus Formica do not make good ant lion food, as they are agile enough to simply climb out of the pit, but that species of Tapinoma can't climb as well and are easy prey. I am hoping Brak will grow large enough to make a meal of Camponotus carpenter ants eventually. Keep up the good work!

Name: Sheryl
Date: 09/18/2003
Message: I thought my sister was pulling my leg when she told me about antlions !!! She took me to our brothers house and he dug up a 'wild' antlion. I took it home with me. By the way I am 46 and live in Alabama and my brother and sister(44 & 41) live in Texas. I had to email them this site Thanks for proving her sane !

Name: B.R. Hallstrom
Date: 09/02/2003
Message: I accidentally found your site when looking for ant farms, and a more fun way to deal with a kitchen ant problem. I had forgotten all about Doodle Bugs! I am really enjoying them and needless to say, the ant problem is no more! (can you blame the ants?)Thanks Again!

Name: Danielle Trudel
Date: 09/01/2003
Message: I conducted my observation/conclusions lab using the antlions with my students today. My students really enjoyed them. Out of around 100 students only 3 of them have ever heard of antlions which made the experience even more enjoyable.

Name: Frank Rizzo
Date: 08/28/2003
Message: Nice site!

Name: Peggy
Date: 08/28/2003
Message: Learn something everyday. What a unique offer. Makes a Zen garden more than meditative for sure...

Name: Joseph (Brian's Son)
Date: 08/28/2003
Message: I found these ant lions on ebay while I was looking for an ant farm-man was I lucky!! I told my dad about it and he said they were okay to have and ordered them while I gave him some of my allowance money. It ws the best money I'd spent in a long time! I received them today-a cross-country trip in only 2 days! (I live in Cal.) I opened the box, took the tape off the plastic eggs they came in and plopped them in the cage-they started digging backwards and traveled acroos the cage, not yet have they dug their pit-but I can tell that these will bring me and my family a lot of fun. Also, when these ant lions grow old, I plan on buying more- Thanks!!!

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