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Instructions for Wrangling Ant Lions:
An ant lion safari is a simple process. First, find an ant lion pit. Ant lion pits can be found in dry, sheltered areas. Use your spoon to dig in the center of the pit about 1 inch down. Now, dump your spoon into the sifter. Sift out the dirt and sand. Then dump the remaining pieces into your palm. You should see the ant lion in your hand. Sometimes they like to play dead so look real close. Now get the ant lion into the spoon, and place it in the container.

Shipping Instructions:
Make sure the containers are securely closed and taped so they wont open in transit.
When you are ready to ship, email us and we will email you a shipping label.

Winter Shipping Instructions:
In order to assure that your ant lions arrive to us alive during cold weather, please make sure that: THE LOW TEMPERATURES FOR YOUR ZIP CODE AND OUR ZIP CODE (32505) MUST BE PREDICTED TO BE AT LEAST 40 DEGREES OR WARMER.

As soon as we get your shipment, and confirm the number of live ant lions, we will mail you a check or deposit your money directly into your PayPal account.
Your deposit for the Ant Lion Wrangler Kit will be happily refunded when you decide to leave the club.Isn't that cool! Earn money and have fun at the same time!

Again, Thanks for joining the Ant Lion Wrangler Club!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Have Fun,

Ian Skelley

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